You know that kid Jeremy…

Well he said something else ridiculous during our special intention time during prayer time. He said He’d like to pray for his dogs Mollie and Maddy that are (supposedly) allergic to humans. He also said his friend moved to Jerusalem just because he got robbed, I mean how stupid is that moving to a foreign country just because you got robbed I mean jeez who the h*** does that, well apparently these dumb-a family!!!







Prank’s at school

Alright at school I do some pretty jacked up stuff and that includes pranks and here’s one of em.This is how it all began so if you haven’t read the Claudia the lazy post well this is the same girl.Anyway we had just finished our recess and I was the first one in and I decided to hide under the teachers desk and then everybody started to come in and Claudia had just walked to the teachers desk.Then I well let’s just put it this way I reached out and grabbed her ankle and it took her a minute to realize she was grabbed and she yelled so loud it brought all focus to her.And after the incident all the girls cared so much for her and hated me but the boys cracked up so much it was the funniest thing ever!

Emma the liar 2

So you all know who Emma is well not physically and this timeĀ  I said I had sore thighs and she said I do to and I said and the back of my knees are hurting to and she said the exact same thing.

Alexandra the liar

Okay so there is Alex or Alexandra and she said during our rosary time ( when we pray the rosary ) and we are saying our special intentions and she said one about her grandpa that died came back to life and died again and I whispered to the person behind me that might be the invention of the zombie or something like that.Oh and yes if you haven’t read the Alexandra the bragger post well this is the same girl.

Leo the weirdo

Okay so there’s this boy named Leo and he is just weird and one time we did a hand puppet show and he only did stuff that he thought was funny but I didn’t laugh about any of it and there was also another kid named Eli and he didn’t laugh either.

Jordan the fake king

So there is a boy named Jordan and I had a friend named Ryan in 1st grade and in 2nd grade he completely just took him away from me oh and he does lie a lot.

Alexandra the bragger

There’s this girl named Alexandra or as I call her Alex and she brags so much and we have this thing at my school called math facts and she got to division in computer class and I saw it

but then she turned around and looked at her friend across the room and then when class was over I had gotten to multiplication and when we got back to theĀ  classroom she kept on bragging and bragging and it started to get very annoying.

Claudia the lazy

So there’s this girl named Claudia and she is the slowest runner in my class so when she goes home she pretty much just lays on the couch and eats chips when she gets of school oh & she is just the laziest person I know of.

Emma the liar

Okay there’s this one girl in the other class named Emma & she is the queen of lying so this time in the cafe she said her dad gave her a plate of spaghetti about six feet high and she said she finished it in a week.


Why I hate Jeremy

Okay this is the story of why I hate Jeremy,so he claims his father owns a stretch limo & a lamborghini but I deny that is true and he also claims that he is better than me at everything even though I can run way faster than him and lift more than him he still thinks he lifts way heavier than me.


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